Starting out in 1995 Amy Delaporte continues to be a leading fine art

Following ten years establishing a national and international client base
with BGH Gallery
formerly located at the Bergamot Station Art Center in
Santa Monica, Amy assumed the Associate Director role at ACE Gallery,
Beverly Hills. Currently, Amy works as an independent art representative and consultant for a small yet selective group of artists promoting these
artists on all levels where she feels that she could truly do a lot more for
her "ACS" artists and the art world in general.

Art Client Services
through long-term and creative promotional means, represents a select
group of emerging, mid-career and established artists for exhibition in
contemporary fine art galleries throughout the United States and

Art Client Services
provides art career guidance to artists in all aspects including studio
visits with critique, portfolio and presentation materials advice along with
long-term business goal planning.

Amy Delaporte, Owner
1112 Montana Ave Ste 800
Santa Monica CA 90403
310.279.7931 Telephone

Recommendations For Amy Delaporte, Owner, Art Client Services:

“I can highly recommend Amy as an expert in her field fine art
representation and sales. She is a brilliant marketer and has excellent
taste in her stable of artists”
March 15, 2011

Helen K. Garber, Owner, Helen K. Garber Studio, Venice, CA

“I recommend Amy Delaporte wherever she may be considered as a fine
art professional. Amy is creative, efficient, reliable, honest, hard-working,
personable, sales-orientated and motivated. She is a great asset to any
company or to any client, as she has proven to us at BGH Gallery with 10
years of gainful employment. Amy was first hired by BGH Gallery as an
outside fine art sales consultant then promoted to in-house art associate
after I retired as the BGH Gallery Owner, Amy Delaporte was then
promoted to the BGH Gallery Director position.”
August 25, 2010

Etan Boritzer, Owner, Veronica Lane Books, Los Angeles CA

“Amy, a spirited woman, diligent professional, successful entrepreneur
and humanitarian. Her love for people, and the arts, is evident within her
daily walk. Time management and efficiency an absolute character trait.
Watching her "create" and develop her talent has been an exciting ride!
Beautiful human being with an exceptional amount of precision and skill!”
August 16, 2010

Jennifer Rae Ochs, Fine Artist, Creative Director, Business Development,
RAE Art Enterprise, Los Angeles CA

“Amy is one of the few most knowledgeable and professional people in
her field. It is my dream for her to represent my art work and I can't wait
for this might happen in 2010. She has the best contacts and is always
so understanding. I admire her professionalism and anyone who wishes
to work with the best has to work with Amy.”
December 17, 2009

Lousine Karibian, Owner, Los Angeles CA

"For my legally blind nephew, Isaiah, produced a wonderful debut art
show. "

More information available at: Strongly
recommended. January 31, 2008

Joseph Schmeltzer, Santa Monica, CA
(Senior Network Engineer at Faye, Pollack & Associates, Inc.)

“I have worked with Amy for over 7 years and I have to truly say she is
one of those people who is ALWAYS looking out for other people and
putting them before herself. Not only is she amazing at what she does,
but she is also an amazing person to work with. I have never seen Amy in
a bad mood or effected by "bad days". She is a positive addition to my
work whenever we collaborate. If you need someone to represent you
and REALLY care about you and your art, this woman is it! Amy
Delaporte and Art Client Services comes highly recommended from
myself and my company
.” July 28, 2008  

Trevor Watkins, Owner, Watkins Art Services, LLC
Santa Monica, CA

“Amy is knowledgeable, committed and determined. A strong
communicator, Amy is able to provide pointed advice and criticism to
artists about their work and how it might be received in the marketplace.
Her tact, experience and networks make her a valuable ally for galleries
seeking talented artists and artists seeking meaningful representation
September 17, 2007

Joel Newman, Business Development Manager,
Australian Trade Commission, Los Angeles, CA

“Amy's professionalism and reliability are not sacrificed by her kind and
easy-going nature. She is organized, helpful, timely in response and very
thorough. Since we worked together I have found Amy to remain an
incredibly knowledgeable and dialed-in contact to the art industry
.” May
18, 2007

Micki Perone, Marketing & Events,
A&I Photographic and Digital Services Los Angeles, CA

“Amy is a high value art consultant, always with the right view in the
future. She always brings the right people together and she is focused on
the needs and expectations of her clients. She is very professional and
with her personal charm and beautiful character we became very good
.” May 18, 2007

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Olga Eichenhofner, International Artist, Munich Germany
Hired Amy Delaporte as a Career Coach in 2002, and hired Amy
Delaporte more than once.

“I consider Amy Delaporte to be one of the most talented and hardest
working individuals in any field. She is so driven to promote the artists
that she represents. I call her the networking queen, it comes so natural
for her to find mutual matches that so often benefit both parties. She
introduced me to many talented individuals that have helped my
business. I am honored to call her a friend who is not only a savvy
business woman, but a compassionate and sincere individual.
” May 16,

Steven Hanna, Owner, Accents Jewelry Design
Santa Monica, CA

“I have known Amy Delaporte for over four years. We first met while she
was working in Santa Monica at BGH Gallery located at the Bergamot
Station. I have personally witnessed her genuinely caring personal
attention with clients both there and while doing art installations in private
homes. I am also very impressed with Amy's networking skills. She puts
everyone else's needs before her own and is dedicated to helping others
achieve their personal goals and dreams. I have also personally
recommended her services to my fellow artists and friends with
confidence. Amy is a class act! Michael P. Hayden
” May 16, 2007

Michael P. Hayden, Designer/ Artist, Michael Hayden Design
West Hollywood, CA


"Amy Delaporte, Owner, Art Client Services-article in the New York Times"

"IT was the night before his grand opening, and Jeff Appel was as ready
as he was going to get. For nearly two years, Mr. Appel, a 44-year-old
amateur architect, had practically lived at the corner of Fairfax Avenue
and Beverly Boulevard, supervising the construction of his most fanciful
vision yet. ...He's got these ideas popping out all over the place,'' said
Amy Delaporte, the director of BGH Gallery, who has helped Mr. Appel
commission works from four ..."

"Amy Delaporte, Owner, Art Client Services-article in Melrose Heights


Source: Melrose Heights Magazine
"Dear Friends, Sharing this following Melrose Heights Magazine article
that was written in regard to a Fine Art Project that I worked on with my
client/ associate Audis Husar, Owner, Audis Husar Fine Art Gallery,
Beverly Hills, CA and my "ACS" Boston Based Artist Photographer Nobel
Prize Winner Wally Gilbert"-
Amy Delaporte, Owner, Art Client Services
Art Client Services